The project aims to spread a new methodology and tools to develop digital skills and at the same time raise awareness about the potential risks and health hazards resulting from the increased use of Digital Tools in the work environment.
  • IO1 - DeSTRESS VET Training Contents

    This Output provides the context for the project. It will define more clearly the challenges and problems to be addressed by the project through the development of a new curriculum and VET training course aimed at enabling micro-enterprises and SMEs to develop and implement plans to exploit digital technologies (DT) to grow their enterprise.

  • IO2 - DeSTRESS Digital Training Platform

    The second outcome is the Digital Training Platform based on game-based training and gamification. The tool will be based on the specification of IO1. The purpose of this Output is to create the DeSTRESS VET Digital Training Platform. The embedded scenarios will provide a rich, experiential experience enabling learners to understand the choices they have and the implications of these. The specification will also incorporate plans for the inclusion of the DeSTRESS Facilitator Community (see O2/A4) providing a transnational online social media tool for Facilitators to share and exchange their ideas and experiences.

  • IO3 - DeSTRESS Policy Report and Recommendations

    This outcome will underpin the longer term sustainability and exploitation plans for DeSTRESS. Partners will prepare a policy report including clear recommendations for the further development and application of the DeSTRESS concept and tools for the management and mitigation of the risks and impact of psychosocial stress as a result of the increasing use of DT in the work environment.

1 month ago


The work does not stop and the project it 's growing!
Last Friday, all the partners reunited in an online meeting to discuss all the content already developed, the on-going work progress and some updates on the project.

A great project is about to come to life, stay tuned!

For more information go to: destress.eu
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