What is Technostress?

According to the last European Working Condition Survey (Eurofound, 2017), the number of workers using the Information Technologies (IT) is increasing. Although IT have improved several aspects of our daily life (e.g. reducing distances, allowing to have access and process high quantity of information, etc.), the use of technology might provoke adverse effects (La Torre et al. 2019). Ragu-Nathan et al. (2008) define technostress as the IT user’s experience of stress when using technologies.

The five accepted techno-stressors

This refers to an ICT’s potential to drive an employee to work faster and longer.

This refers to an ICT’s potential to invade an employee’s personal life when performing job tasks, because employees can be reached at any time, and they may feel the need to be constantly connected.

This refers to the inherent quality of an ICT that makes employees feel inadequate with regard to their computer skills.

Refers to the constant changes and upgrades of software and hardware that may impose stress on employees.


Refers to situations where users feel threatened about losing their jobs.

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