Training Platform DeStress

Developing Competences for Stress Resilience @SMEs (DeSTRESS) aims to expose the main health risks arising from Digital Technology and their real impact on the individuals’ life and on the companies’ productivity. Using a game-based learning approach, players will assume roles, enabling them to realize if they have already experienced specific situations and how it happened, and which solutions are available for each scenario. Besides raising the awareness of the problem it will enable owners, managers and decision makers to plan for and to mitigate the occurrence and the negative consequences of work-based stress.

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Module 1: Introduction to DeSTRESS

What is TechnoStress? (PDF)

Introduction (play)

If the game takes too long to appear, download it here (PC or MAC), unzip it and play the scenarios in the computer.


Module 2: DeSTRESS Game

Techno overload (play)

If you experience a long delay to open this link, use the game that you downloaded to your computer and play the scenarios there.

Techno invasion (play)

Techno complexity (play)

Techno insecurity (play)

Techno uncertainty (play)


Módulo 3: Facilitator

Facilitator guide (PDF)


Checklists (.zip)

Leaflets (.zip)